Suggestions To Make Your Living Space Stand Out

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Home is where the heart is. That is why we love decorating our homes to our heart’s desire. Secretly or not, all of us wants a better home than anyone else! Interior decoration is also a way to make self-expression, to make a statement towards the world and showing everyone who we are! Then there are other reasons to make your home stand out like real estate investment, or selling a house etc.

What are the things you can do to make your house catch eyes and turn heads? Here are some tips from us you will love:

Less Is More

The basic rule of eye-catching home decoration is to stay simple and avoid unnecessary extravaganza. When it comes to a modern style of décor, less is more. Add a focal feature to your living space, like a sculpture or a wall plaque, a uniquely designed pot planter or a decorative urn that changes the ambience of the room.


Landscaping greatly enhances the outdoor impression of a house. Planned plantation and decorative items give courtyards combined excellence that cannot be achieved otherwise. Custom designed pots, planters and urns can be used for landscaping. Outdoor wall plaques that tell a story can also be a part of landscaping along with sculptures, be them a replica of famous Grecian works or simply something postmodern or custom designed.

Pottery Magic

Pottery gives a wide range of options to both indoor and outdoor decoration of houses. They can be used based on their shape, size, colour and purpose. Poolside is a great place to use feature pots to make the pool look more attractive. Entry pots give a grand atmosphere and style near the entrance of a house. Custom planters made of pottery contributes to creating a well-groomed garden.

A Splash Of Nature

Add a splash of nature to the décor of your house by adding a water feature and garden pots in your home. Whatever space you have as a yard in your house, can be decorated in a planned way so as to make your house look posher. Water features, birdbaths, garden pots, planters etc. add a natural feeling in a city home by bringing on the tranquil sound of water and attracting birds and critters in your yard.

If you are looking to landscape your garden, add a water feature or sculpture or custom pottery, we are your best hope here in Gold Coast!