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Read through to discover what Piccolini Creations past clients and current customers have to say about our custom pottery creations. Each testimonial is a review sent in to us by our customers who have requested or received a custom pottery piece designed and crafted by us at our Gold Coast workshop.

11th November, 2017

Both the client and myself are very happy with the end result. Thank you.

Brett Oakley, Parkland Landscapes

10th August, 2016

I have known Paolo Piccolini for almost 15 years, and in that time I have developed a high respect for Paolo as skilled artisan and sculptor. As a manufacturer of GRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) products for the landscape industry, I appreciate the quality and attention to detail in the products that Paolo makes.
When people contact us about having custom, one-off pots and water-features made for their projects, I generally refer them to Paolo knowing that he can make what they require at a reasonable price

JC, Quatro Design Pty Ltd.

2nd May, 2016

Paul has made more than 30 pots of assorted sizes for my courtyard garden. They were made in 3 separate batches and each time Paul came to my garden and discussed the project with me, made wise suggestions and took meticulous measurements.
The result is that I have lovely, elegant and perfectly crafted pots which bring beauty and harmony to my garden. Paul is brilliant as a craftsman and a delight to do business with. I am pleased to be able to give this recommendation for him.


2nd May, 2016

Howdy Paul' We're very pleased with the water feature. Thanks for the good work.

Dee & Roger