Water Features

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For a tranquil addition to your garden, patio, entranceway, pool or courtyard, water features or water fountains are ideal for instilling an eye-catching natural element into the space. The soothing water sounds will add a serene oasis to your exterior area.

Water Fountains have been used throughout history to add an architectural element of grandeur, tranquillity, entertainment or remembrance. It is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space needing a decorative or dramatic effect. They can also be designed to include lighting, which will give your water fountain a romantic glow at night. The water lighting can be subtle and elusive or bold and theatrical to suit your desired look. Up-lights at its base are another great addition that can be made to showcase the pottery’s architecture and curves.

If you are looking to transform your outdoor garden seating into an eye-catching statement then a custom table is the perfect addition. Not only will it provide a stunning finish to the space as well as a great conversation starter among guests, but its durability and functionality can withstand the Australian conditions with ease and with a lasting strength that you can trust in for years to come.

Alternatively, or additionally, if you have an indoor dining space that you struggle to furnish a custom table can be the perfect solution. We can measure the space, draw a design and work with you to create and craft a piece in the exact style that you desire with all of the functionality that you need. Round, square, rectangular or a custom shape, we will design your custom table from scratch, deliver it to you and install it into the desired location.

Our local Gold Coast workshop has all the tools to design and mould whatever pottery creation you desire. From large to small, basic to extravagant we have the skill and expertise to get the job done. The results will be a perfect water fountain to accompany your garden and home, that you can continue to enjoy for years to come.

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