Have a question about Piccolini Creations custom pottery? Here’s is a list of all of the frequently asked questions our current clients and potential customer have asked us. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, please contact us or visit our Gold Coast workshop so that we may answer all of your questions regarding our custom pottery process.

What is Piccolini Creation’s pottery made of ?

All of Piccolini Creations pottery is made out of a cement based mixture, composed of fine sand, cement, fibreglass and additives. The result, after curing, is a light-weight product with exceptional strength and durability. From there, variable finishes can be added as per each individual client’s design and requests, these can consist of paint colour or a cement based textured coating.

How long will it take?

For a couple of items, the manufacturing and curing process of our pottery usually takes about two weeks. Although, rough estimations on time are difficult due to our custom designs and process.

Due to our extensive experience and long-standing business in the local Gold Coast area we have built up an exceptional amount of moulds for a myriad of pottery designs. What this means, is that should you choose a product that we have previously designed, we will already have the mould ready to go. Thus, cutting down significantly on the time of this stage in the creation process.

For individualised, custom-designed or extensively involved pottery creations the process is going to take a little bit longer. Rest assured, we will work with you to establish a time frame that will suit your needs and requirements. No matter what, you can trust that we will be honest about the time frame of your design, craft a magnificent and skilled product and meet your demands on both time and design.

Can you deliver?

Yes, of course. We personally deliver finished products to all of our local Gold Coast clients. For large creations, as well as other national and international deliveries, we can arrange with qualified and skilled transport solutions to have your pottery creation delivered to you safe and sound, and on time.

Do you ever come on site?

For complex creations, such as large or location specific works our expert craftsman, Paul Piccolini, will come on site. This is so that areas and space can be measured, specifics can be sighted and all individualised, customised or location specific requirements will be noted and added to the design, so that your finished piece will suit your location precisely. In some instances, and wherever and whenever possible, in which we are installing or assisting with installation, Paul will be on site to make sure the finished product is settled into its new home in pristine condition.

Where do you come from? And how did you learn your trade?

Piccolini Creations expert artesian craftsman, Paul Piccolini, originated from Italy in the region of Milan. He learnt his trade from his father, who learnt from his father before him and so on. He spent an extended period of time in Tahiti with his family before they settled in Australia, where Paul has now resided for over 27 years.