Custom Sculptures

A sculpture is an ornament used to enhance a garden, patio, interior, exterior, courtyard, entranceway and more. Piccolini Creations has years of experience crafting custom sculptures to suit a myriad or styles and locations.

A custom sculpture is a luxurious addition to any location or space. Such as a business or commercial building looking to create a branding statement that customers will recognise and remember, or a sense of tranquillity to comfort and calm clients and potential customers. For example, a Japanese restaurant can have a custom moon bridge designed to flow over a koi pond, creating a Japanese oasis, and gorgeous sculptural structure for customers to admire.

It can also be the perfect accompaniment to any luxury hotel looking to add a Grecian atmosphere or eye-catching statement piece to their entranceway, reception lobby, courtyard, garden or pool area. Particularly in wedding venues, a custom sculpture is an exquisite addition perfect for photography opportunities as well as decorative alter focal points.

Another great use for a customised sculpture is in situations where a landmark is needed, such as on an anchorage. For example, a horse ranch can add a beautifully crafted horse sculpture to their entrance or front gate as a stunning landmark for their farm. Another more personal example, is a custom bird feeder sculpture for your home as a way to bring in a nature and wildlife to your outdoor oasis.

No matter the shape, size or location, Piccolini Creations can work with you to design and craft a one-of-a-kind sculpture to suit your space perfectly. We also offer a 10-year warrantee on any structural damage, guaranteeing that your creation will meet the durability and functionality requirements that you need. Plus, our stunning expert finish will great a fabulous accompaniment to any space or purpose.

Piccolini Creations has successfully created custom sculptures for homes, businesses, hotels, parks, gardens, courtyards and more around the Gold Coast, nationally across Australia and even internationally. Our expert artesian craftsman will work with you to draw and design a custom pottery piece to suit your space, style and needs perfectly, craft and mould your design at our Gold Coast workshop, deliver and even install your one-off custom sculpture for you. Ensuring that through every step of the pottery’s process, Piccolini Creations is there to help and make your order worry-free.

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