Wall Plaques

Made with ❤️ on the Gold Coast.

A wall plaque is a custom pottery creation designed to ornament your exterior or interior walls. It is an art décor custom pottery piece that can come in various shapes, sizes and styles. Such as a Grecian wall plaque, which is a common style for outdoor gardens to create a stunning luxury art décor piece that can withstand outdoor conditions.

Piccolini Creations has years of skilled experience designing and crafting custom pottery creations such as pottery art décor and pottery wall plaques. Our expert artesian craftsman can work with you and your specified space in order to design, mould and craft a custom-made wall plaque to suit your needs precisely.

If you are looking to make a statement, or if you are struggling to find art décor to suit your space or style, Piccolini Creations custom pottery is the perfect option. Wall plaques can be designed to fit any space, grand or small, as well as provide a finishing colour or look to match your locations design style perfectly. We work with you to ensure all of your needs and requests are met, ensuring that the results achieve the desired finish with the durability and exceptional quality you need.

It’s art with a difference, guaranteed to be a much-loved item for your home, garden, office space, lobby or courtyard for years to come. Within a hotel it can add a sense of extravagance and luxury, for wedding venues it can provide the perfect photography opportunity, in commercial spaces it can create a grand welcoming atmosphere for clients and personally at home it can add a much-loved conversation starter and stunning one-off pottery piece that can provide a sense of remembrance, tranquillity or luxury to the space.

Contact Piccolini Creations today to discuss having a custom pottery creation designed by our artesian expert craftsman. We can measure the desired location or space, craft a one-of-a-kind wall plaque, deliver and install the finished product for you. Ensuring all of your needs are met and your worries are eased when it comes to custom pottery or custom wall plaques.