How We Do It: Making Piccolini Products

By December 5, 2017 September 8th, 2019 No Comments

For over two decades, Piccolini Creations has been making customized pottery and decoration pieces from reinforced cement. Our journey started in Italy a long time ago, working with ceramics, pottery, patterns and moulds; which has now reached a leading position in the industry in Australia’s Gold Coast. We started making our art on the Gold Coast in 1990 and our specialty is custom made large garden pots, urns, planters, water features, fountains, water sculptures and public art sculptures.

We mainly use glass-fibre reinforced concrete or GRC to make our products. Fibreglass is a well-known material, which is composed of simply very fine glass fibres. Fibreglass is reinforced plastic glass fibres in a polymer matrix. Glass reinforced concrete is made when cement and sand are used instead of the polymer. This material can be cast into any shape or size, and its highly durable nature makes it perfect for making outdoor decoration pieces such as sculptures, pots, planters, water features etc. It is really low maintenance, is energy efficient and low cost.

Our moulds are made using silicone and fibreglass, step by step. Products are individually hand-made at our Gold Coast workshop, and the GRC makes the products extremely durable and weather resistant. Our workshop is equipped to create any design and size of the decoration piece our clients want! Making unique pieces of mould is a step-by-step process, which is something we do for each unique piece of custom pottery we make.

We take orders from our clients to manufacture exactly what they need, emphasizing on getting the size, shape, colour and added effects just right to fit their individual need. The fabulous and unique finish of the product and artistic details of makes our products exclusive and gives us a leading position among artisans. We do the installation of our products including delivery ourselves. Delivering our clients exactly what they need is our priority.

If you want your unique piece of art décor designed by us, just call us or email us; visit our website for our past projects and to see testimonials provided by happy clients. We will be your one-stop-shop for custom pottery creation.