September 15, 2017

How to decorate a space using sculptures

Sculptures has always been the showstopper of a decorated space. It makes a statement that makes the room what it is. It expresses the individuality of the person who resides in the space, and completes the look of the place.

Sculptures sends a message to the world, just like paintings do. When you hang a painting on your wall, you are showing everyone what’s important to you. Sculptures give a similar meaning, only showing what really, really matters to you.

Some ideas to decorate a space using sculptures is discussed here:

Entry Tables

Entry tables are a good place to make a statement. Iconic bust sculptures, artistic pieces go really well on entry tables. It’s a marvellous view to greet your guests with, and also provides a striking entryway for the house owner.

Chest of drawers

Sculptures can be put on the top of chest of drawers and other low height furniture. You can hang artworks on the background wall, matching with the colour pattern and texture of the sculpture and the drawer.


If you have no kids or pets in the house, your favourite made-to-order sculpture can be put on a museum style pedestal stand in the living room or the entry way. This is an amazing way to make a bold statement of your taste in art and your inner expressions at the centre of your house or your entertaining area.

As a mantelpiece

There are so many options to decorate the mantle in the living or dining room, and a cool sculpture is one of them. You have to keep in mind that whenever you choose a sculpture, it should go with the vibe of the room and the decoration of your house.

As a focal feature

Sculptures tend to attract the attention of a crowd in any space. They are awesome as a focal feature, be it in a hall room, a hotel lobby, front yard of a property, an entertaining area, pool side or as a landscaping feature.

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