Transforming Your Living Space: The Piccolini Way

By October 5, 2017 September 8th, 2019 No Comments

Home sweet home becomes sweeter when you can decorate it the way you love! There are so many options when it comes to interior decoration, although looking at décor pieces or getting them made to order is quite fun and satisfying.

There are a number of pre-made or custom made decoration pieces you can get to add an ornamented look to your property, be it a house, a hotel, commercial space or dining facility. Here are some beautiful options:

Pots And Urns

There are a number of types of pots you can use to decorate different parts of your house. Entry pots, planters and urns in different colours, texture and design can be customized depending on your taste. These types of pots should be chosen based on your taste and the ambience of your property. Entry pots create a striking and elegant look for the entrance, while custom made garden pots and planters enhance the look of garden landscaping and indoor plants, entertaining spaces etc. Our expert team at Piccolini Creations can make any kind of pots and planters you need.


Sculptures make bold artistic expression towards the world, and they can give so much more meaning to a decorated space than other ordinary décor pieces. Sculptures can be used for branding purposes of a commercial organization to make a unique and lasting impression, or simply to add some panache to the look! You can get replicas of famous sculptures made for your purpose. Want a miniature Michelangelo’s David for your living room? Or a landmark for your business? Go with it!

Water Features

Water features are beautiful, elegant, classy additions for any large space. They can turn any ordinary space into a strikingly beautiful entertainment space, or be used as a focal feature. They are very well suited to be used in landscaping. The sound of water creates a tranquil feeling to any space—your garden, patio, poolside, entryway, lounge, and courtyard etc. if you have a specific design in mind, get it made from Piccolini Creations.

Wall Plaques

A wall plaque is a great choice if you need to decorate wall space. It’s custom pottery that can come in various style, size and designs. Ancient Greek wall plaques make a great ornamental addition to outdoor garden walls. It can endure outdoor weather conditions and add to landscaping.  Wall plaques can provide hotel indoors an air of extravagance and sophistication. They can provide photography background for events, so using them in entertaining spaces pays off.

If you want to decorate your space with custom pottery, water features etc. call Piccolini Creations today!