Why Choose Piccolini Creations?

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Who doesn’t love beautifully decorated property? Humans have been admiring and worshipping aesthetics as long as they’ve been on earth. That’s why we need our surroundings to be decorated and beautiful as it can be.

When it comes to decorating our home, custom made pottery, sculptures and items have always been popular. They are widely used in landscaping for large properties like hotels, executive houses, and family homes and so on. Getting the pottery of your choice custom made and put on display in your house is a dream come true for designers and home-owners. Who can make this dream come true, you ask? The answer is Piccolini Creations. Here’s why:


We have been crafting expert custom made and designed products for over 27 years. Custom made large garden pots, urns, planters, water features, fountains, water sculptures and public art sculptures are our speciality, and all of them are Australia made.

Fine Craftsmanship

Each of our products is a work of art, we take pride in our artistic skills and fine quality of workmanship. The products are made from cement and GRC (glass reinforced cement), which ensures their strength and durability. Our moulds for production are made of silicone and fibreglass, so the products are perfectly shaped.

Made To Order Products

We make your dream come true, literally. We craft our products individually from client’s specific orders. We have secured the position of leading artisans in the market because of the artistic detail in our work and experience puts us in front as and gives our products exclusivity. We also make our products from architectural plans for builders, developers and city councils.

We Offer 10 Years Of Warranty

We are not just another custom décor crafting company, we create one-of-a-kind artistic products for you. We offer a 10-year warranty on any structural damage to our product, guaranteeing that your décor piece will meet the durability and functionality requirements that you deserve.

We have successfully crafted and delivered custom sculptures for homes, businesses, hotels, parks, gardens, courtyards and more around the Gold Coast. Take a look at our gallery and if you like what you see, call us for any of your custom pottery needs!