Using Pottery To Spruce Up Your Decor

By October 15, 2017 September 8th, 2019 No Comments

Pottery is the sophisticate and environment-friendly choice as a decoration piece for indoor and outdoor ornamentation of a property. There are myriad options when it comes to pottery made décor pieces. Pots, planters and urns make striking statements, while with plants they bring a naturally beautiful look to the space.

Size Matters

Pots and urns look great when they are arranged according to their size. That doesn’t mean you should arrange them large to small or vice versa. Place them in a way that catches the eye and also goes with your room or space. Depending on the location and space you are decorating, pots could be large, small, embossed, painted on, textured and so on. Clay is very impressionable and versatile as an element of art, so it’s quite easy to get pots customized.

Quality Is More Important Than Quantity

Well, the phrase speaks for itself. It’s not that you need to have lots of decoration pieces to create an amazing indoor environment. Combine the colour, size, shape wisely. The quality of your pottery is more important than the quantity of them. If you have designer pieces or custom made ones, just one or two of them can transform the ambience of your space.

Colour Combination

Colour is a very important detail when it comes to decorating the house, and using decoration pieces. You can play with this element, but too much playing with colours can sometimes lead to disaster! Contrast is always safe to choose, and so is a mix of similarly toned colours. If the room is decorated by matured and experienced eyes, striking colours can be used to emphasize the pottery in front of a subtly coloured wall or hanging.

Artistic Appeal

Using pottery of different sizes, shapes and colours increased the artistic appeal of your house. Exhibit your collection in an artful manner by grouping them in other decoration pieces or small-sized pottery and urns. Bookcase, tabletop, top of a chest of drawers, mantles—many spaces are good to go for an artistic arrangement of potteries and urns.

Go Green

Planters enhance the beauty of a space, be it indoor or outdoor—to a greater extent than anything else. The reason? That little touch of natural green! Pot plants are always in style and hold the power to smarten and liven up the look of any room. And if your beautiful plants are in a custom made stylish pot or urn, then it’s a combined effect for your house!

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