Custom Grecian Wall Plaque Ideas For Your Home

By August 15, 2018 September 8th, 2019 No Comments

Too often, walls are treated as an afterthought both inside and outside the home. They may get a coat of paint, but otherwise, they are left alone. We’re here to tell you that you can do much more with your walls. For starters, you can add some art and give them more purpose than sectioning off the area. Especially outdoors, your retaining walls can be a great location for some Grecian wall plaques. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Mythological Creatures

If you have a wall near your pool, why not get a wall plaque featuring, Grecian sea-gods with the upper body of a man, the lower front of a horse and the tail of a fish (the astronomical constellation Pisces). Or, if water is the theme, Scylla was a monster that lived in a narrow channel of water destroying nearby ships. Having your pools nearby walls featuring a Grecian sea monster is a fantastic way to add some mystery, art and entertainment to the look and feel of your pool area.

Greek Goddess

Why not get a wall plaque depicting Hera the Queen of the Olympian gods? Or, set amongst your garden, a wall plaque depicting Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Make a mystical setting near your outdoor setting with a stunning wall plaque setting the scene of a beautiful Grecian goddess.

Grecian Architecture

Another great wall plaque idea is to incorporate some Grecian architecture. You can try a famous temple or mausoleum: such as the Parthenon. Or, why not incorporate bits and pieces together in order to create your own custom wall plaque scenes, such as Grecian pillars or mosaics. Piccolini Creations can custom design and craft your wall plaque. Whatever style, size or design you choose, from goddesses to mythological creatures and more, we can expertly craft it for you. View our gallery or visit our Gold Coast workshop for some more inspiration