Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Garden With Pottery

By July 15, 2018 September 8th, 2019 No Comments

Are you thinking about decorating your garden? Here are five creative pottery ideas to help transform your garden.

Entry Pots

Make a statement at your entryway with a beautiful entry pot or two. From grand designs to simplistic elegance, an entry pot is a great way to set the scene for what is to come by framing the entrance to your home or garden.

Sculptures & Art Décor

If you are looking for something a little more unique and a whole lot more creative, pottery sculptures and art décor are a great way to go. From famous imitations to unique creations all your own, sculptures and art décor are a fantastic way to add a dash of luxury and personality to your garden.

Water Features

If you are a fan of the sounds of trickling water, then a water feature is the perfect garden addition for you. From subtle to grand, there are many different types, sizes and styles of water features to choose from depending on what look you are wanting to achieve.

Custom Tables

Make a statement with your outdoor table! Why not add a custom table to your garden? It would be the perfect statement piece and a real show stopper when entertaining friends or family outdoors.

Wall Plaques

Does your garden have a retaining wall or feature wall? A wall plaque can transform your garden’s walls into a statement feature, giving life to something plain. Piccolini Creations can custom design and expertly craft all types of custom pottery creations. From custom water features to expert artesian sculptures and more, our Gold Coast workshop can create whatever look you desire for your gardens pottery.