3 Ways Custom Pottery Can Glam Up Your Interior

By June 5, 2018 September 8th, 2019 No Comments

Often when you think of potter, you picture generic creations found in many homes. When we talk about pottery we think extravagant designs, unique creations, luxury materials and the perfect interior accompaniment! Don’t believe us? Here are three everyday items where custom pottery can be used to create beautiful interior art pieces.

1. Vases

Atop a credenza, in the entryway, along the hallway or front and centre on your dining table, your vase should be a statement piece and not just another thing in a cupboard. Your vase should be a conversation starter, a statement and a beloved piece. It should be something you can pass down to your children and above all something that makes your beautiful flowers shine. Custom pottery vases can do all of these things and more!

2. Entry Pots

The entrance to your home doesn’t just have to be a path and a door. Having entry pots framing the entrance to your home can transform your home. From setting the scene of your home upon entry to setting a great first impression, having beautiful custom entry pots at your home can be the perfect addition you’ve been looking for.

3. Planters

Just like a vase, you plant pots don’t have to be generic and boring. If you are wanting some indoor plants or some plants on your balcony, a custom planter can transform the look and feel of your home. From giant entryway planters to corner pots out of the way and more. Having a custom planter can make any plant the attention grabber and art piece it should be.

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