3 Tips On Installing A Custom Sculpture Or Art Piece On Your Property

By May 15, 2018 September 8th, 2019 No Comments

If you are thinking about installing a custom sculpture or art piece in your home or garden, then here are the top three tips you need to know first.

1. Location

You need to first plan the location of your desired custom sculpture or art piece. Will it frame your entrance or be the focal point of your garden? Do you want it to be prominent or subtle? You need to make sure you choose a safe location as well as ensure the spot that you choose will fit the size of custom sculpture or art piece that you are envisioning.

2. Selection

Once you make sure you have the perfect spot for your custom sculpture or art piece to go into, you need to measure the exact space so that you know exactly what size piece you need. From there, you need to consider the look and style of sculpture or art piece you are wanting. From Grecian to modern, there is a vast range of styles to choose from. A great idea and a good starting point is to get something designed inline with the style of your property.

3. Installation

There are certain things you need to consider prior to installing your custom sculpture or art piece. Such as, if there be children playing around it. If there is, your sculpture should be immovable, to ensure it is safe. The space it is being placed on also needs to be level ground, and certain pieces may need a concrete foundation installed in order to support the structure. Once it’s installed, you might want to consider adding some features to it in order to enhance its completed look. This can include items such as crushed rocks, grass, plants, pathways and more. Piccolini Creations can custom design, craft and install all types of styles and sizes of custom sculpture and art pieces. Visit our Gold Coast workshop for inspiration and advice.